BLUE ULTRA Polyethylene pipe and tubing has been designed specifically for cold water pressure application, being produced using a custom Dark Blue UV Stablization Color Package that greatly increases UV protection.

Our Custom UV Stabilization Package is far superior to the lighter blue colors used in the industry because darker colors typically provide better protection. Our superior UV Protection is further enhanced by using the Dark Blue color throughout the entire wall of the pipe. BLUE ULTRA’S Custom Dark Blue UV Stabilization Package meets FDA for purity.

  • NSF approved for drinking water
  • Meets NSF-14 Standard
  • Complies with NSF/ANSI 61 for Health Effect
  • High Surface Gloss
  • Permanently Indented Print
  • Color Coded Labels
  • Bar Coded Labels
  • Coils Bundled & Wrapped in Poly Stretch Wrap