Polyethylene Technology, Inc. is a Minnesota company. Since 1980, we have manufactured polyethylene pipe & tubing products using state of the art resins and extrusion technology making piping products of the highest quality that we stand behind.

The range of applications for our pipe & tubing products include potable cold water and turf irrigation, non-potable cold water, and geothermal heat exchange.

From our 35,000 square foot corporate & manufacturing facility in Lakeville Minnesota, we extrude a variety of eight different polyethylene pipe & tubing categories, and warehouse & distribute these products to our established and loyal customer base on a consistent and timely basis using both our own company trucks and common carriers.

Our people & our customers are our most prized strengths. We are a successful company because of their continuing dedication and support.


At Polyethylene Technology, we take pride in our customer satisfaction. We know that the reason for our success is because of our dedication to making each of our customer happy.

That is why at Polyethylene Technology, we PROMISE to treat each and every order with the exact same level of care and precision.

With our vast product knowledge and our expertise in manufacturing, we promise to deliver the highest-quality piping products in the market today.

Polyethylene Technology, Inc.